Are these buyers’ agents working for the betterment and benefit of the people?

The Service User Involvement team at GHN had submitted feedback to the Supporting People team on the questionnaire. Both Jo and Paula would also be attending the planning meeting on 2nd December and they would be in contact with member organisations thereafter to provide an update on how GHN would be participating in the session on 11th January 06. She also states that the effect on the social rented housing stock will be minimal. Ms Baillie is confident that two safeguards which exist within the housing bill, the ability to be called a pressured area’ and the 10 year hiatus within. which housing associations can investigate the impact of the selling their homes and indeed can ask for an extension to that period, will reduce the impact of this policy on the social rented sector. Families with young children being stoned by groups of thugs, young children being attacked.

This is what happened to asylum seekers after they came to the safe haven of Glasgow. The Glasgow Asylum Rights Campaign has been set up to respond to these urgent issues raised by the asylum seekers dispersed to Glasgow as part of Government policy. Home Buyer’s Agent The group not only deals with racial incidents but also the problems associated with using the voucher scheme, lack of childcare for pre-school children and the difficulties experienced in accessing English classes and interpreters for appointments.

These courageous people have suffered enough in their own countries without having to suffer racial violence in Scotland. If you feel your organisation can help in addressing these issues you can affiliate to GARC and take part in planning a better and safer environment for our newest residents. Stock Transfer and especially that proposed for Glasgow, whilst not getting any kind of profile in the housing bill, is a major aspect of housing policy which Jackie Baillie will have to oversee.

In her view it is unacceptable to ask tenants to wait for up to 30 years to receive a wind and watertight home and the investment promised along with agreement for stock transfer will mean better homes far faster. Rejection of the proposals by the tenants will mean smaller stock transfers for those who want them, but at the expense of residualisation of Glasgow’s housing. In relation to her part in the Homelessness Task Force Ms Baillie believes that the Scottish response to homelessness is ahead of her counterparts in England but does not necessarily mean that the Westminster parliament will follow Holyrood’s lead.