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What we want to do is get a design so we can see how much it will cost to build a third fire station,” Hartselle will be at the core of a plan that will outline for local governments how to best develop the Interstate 65 corridor between Falkville and Priceville. This may push city leaders to address a third fire station before the council wants to. Don Hall is the only returning council member from the previous administration.

He said they didn’t address another fire station because the land was donated when the majority of the council was preparing to leave office. But Hall believes the current administration will have to address fire protection if progress continues with the I-65 development plans. “It’s my opinion that we have the means to build and equip another fire station. The tough part will be maintaining it.

I’m not sure that we can afford that cost at this point. Hartselle has had two fire stations since 1985 when the station near Main and Hammit streets was built. Station Two, Tax Depreciation is located on Crestline Drive, was built in 1978. Prior to its construction, the fire department was housed in City Hall off Sparkman Street. Art Glasgow of Peck Glasgow Insurance Agency Inc. , in Hartselle said the cost of insurance premiums is linked to available fire protection. If the city’s rating was one class lower, the cost of a premium for a $100,000 wood home would drop between $20 and $30 annually, Glasgow said.

Hartselle has a class five Insurance Services Office rating. “ISO ratings are always considered with insurance premiums,” he said. “The ISO rating determines what bracket they will be in, and this determines what rates will be charged. “Smith warned that there is no guarantee that a third fire station would lower Hartselle’s ISO rating. The water department counts 40 percent and communication, 10 percent.